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3.28ft Truss Podiums

$175 each

Lecterns, also known as podiums or pulpits, are furniture pieces designed for public speaking or presentations. They serve as a platform for speakers to place their notes, documents, or electronic devices while addressing an audience. Here are some common uses of lecterns:

  1. Speeches and Presentations: Lecterns are frequently used during speeches, lectures, and presentations. They provide a designated space for speakers to organize their notes and maintain a clear line of sight with the audience.

  2. Religious Services: In religious settings, lecterns are often used by clergy members to read from religious texts, deliver sermons, or lead worship services.

  3. Academic Settings: Lecterns are commonly found in classrooms, lecture halls, and auditoriums. Professors and educators use them to deliver lectures and share information with students.

  4. Conferences and Seminars: In conference rooms and seminar venues, lecterns are used by speakers to convey information to a large audience. They help maintain an organized and professional presentation.

  5. Corporate Events: During corporate meetings, conferences, or business presentations, lecterns provide a focal point for speakers to communicate key points and messages.

  6. Award Ceremonies: Lecterns are often used during award ceremonies to announce winners and convey information about the awards being presented.

  7. Government and Political Speeches: Politicians and government officials frequently use lecterns when delivering speeches or addressing the public. This provides a formal platform for their communication.

  8. Weddings and Ceremonial Events: In formal events like weddings, lecterns may be used for readings, vows, or speeches, providing a designated space for individuals to address the audience.

4.92ft Truss Podiums


$250 each

Square Corner Junction Box



Goal Post Truss 10ft x11ft


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